Brandenburger Tor

Wurst am Brandenburger Tor :-)

The Kiosk

Sausages at the Brandenburg Gate

In 2005, the borough Mitte called for proposals nationwide for a snack kiosk at the Brandenburg Gate. Of the numerous concepts, our one was unanimously chosen by the borough Mitte.

Since then we have been offering you, in our little green shack between tree 6 and 7 in Ebert street, fine sausages, fresh French fries as well as hot and cold drinks.

Opening Hours

Our opening hours are daily from 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.


The one and only Berliner Currywurst

Way back in 1949 inspiration struck and tada! Herta Heuwer invented the Berliner Currywurst. She fried a Frankfurter sausage, created her very own ingenious catsup with a special mix of curry spices and never looked back. She called her creation Currywurst! Clever girl, she had her special dip patented under the name of "chillup". The patent number is: 721319... Today the place where she sold her Currywurst commemorated by a plaque at Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse 57.

And we definitely sell the original to you. A crispy fried Frankfurter, bathed in our homemade warm catsup and our special carefully selected curry spices. Without patent maybe, yes, but none the less, top secret...


All the sausages and meat are made exclusively with Neuland meat.
We fry and deep-fry in 100% pure peanut oil. Peanut oil has, due to its high smoke point, the best heat stability at high temperatures.


Our popular Berlin currywurst is prepared according to the original recipe of the inventor Hertha Heuwer: A crispy fried Frankfurter with warm, homemade ketchup and a velvety curry powder.


Our bratwurst is a firm, spicy Thuringian sausage according to our butcher's old secret recipe.

Vienna sausages

Our tender, juicy Vienna sausages are popular with the young and the elderly.


Our meatballs are made from lean pork and are juicy and savory.

French fries

Our French fries are fresh and not frozen.



Animal friendly farming



The butcher's shop Bauermeister

The butcher's shop Bauermeister has been a member of NEULAND since 1994. Besides NEULAND meat the butcher's shops Loue, Bioland and Demeter provide products.

We purchase all our sausages and meat exclusively from the butcher's shop Bauermeister.


The society for animal-friendly and environmentally sound animal husbandry, is an alliance of farmers, consumers, environmentalists and animal rights activists. They developed a program that is in accordance with natural animal husbandry. Neuland farmers have abandoned factory farming and consistently focus on humane and caring animal husbandry - for us, our animals and our environment.

For that Neuland was rated as very good in 2003 and again in 2008 by ├ľkotest ( a consumer magazine ).




loves our fresh French fries.


relishes our good currywurst.


How to get here

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You can find us and our excellent currywurst in Berlin-Mitte
in Ebert street opposite no. 25 (corner Scheidemannst.).

S-Bahn ( Suburban train ):
S1,S2,S25 Unter den Linden

U-Bahn (Subway):
U55 Brandenburger Tor

100 Reichstag/Bundestag


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